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Getting Involved

Have you had a look at our page on getting involved? It will give you plenty of information about the society and the many ways you can join us and take up a new hobby. Are you ready to join us? Great!

Press the subscribe button below the fees to join us.

Stage Fees

If you are involved in a non-performing role, you just pay membership (see below).

Performers pay an additional stage fee per show to cover insurance and costumes. You will be asked for this separately. Our stage fees are £10 per play, £15 per musical and pantomime.

Gift Aid

PODS is a charity, and as such, membership fees are classed as a donation by HMRC. 

We will contact you after you join about gift aid - if you are a tax payer, signing up for gift aid costs you nothing, and PODS will get extra funds from the HMRC. We raise about £400 a year through our members gift aid.


Adult PODS Fees 2023

Membership (per year)

Adult (online only)


Join Now

Please send us an email to if you would like to join and we will contact you to make arrangements 

Youth PODYS Fees 2023


(per month, per child)

1 Child

2 or more siblings



Please visit our

PODYS joining page

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