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It takes a lot of work from many people to get a show to the stage. The stage manager and his/her team are responsible for the smooth running of the show once we get to the theatre. We are always looking for people to help us in a backstage capacity.


The Stage Manager (SM) is in complete charge of the show from the time we arrive at the theatre. He/she will oversee the set, facilitating changes to the scenery and calling actors to and from the stage. They attend a series of meetings and rehearsals to familiarise themselves in advance of show week.


The Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) assists the SM, again attending rehearsals. Together the SM and DSM make plans for show week ensuring the smooth running of the production. The DSM needs to know the show inside out, and  "calls" the show, relaying step by step instructions to the SM via headsets. 


The Stage crew work with the SM backstage. During the running of the show, they follow instructions from the SM to change scenery, move furniture and props to transition seamlessly from one scene to the next. Stage crew are a protected species - always in demand and appreciated more than we can say.


Props are classed as any object seen on the stage that are movable, and either carried by an actor or used to "dress" a scene and make it resemble a  real life situation. An example would be books on a shelf, or a basket of flowers. The Props master or mistress is responsible for sourcing appropriate props for the show, During the week of the show, they hand the props to the actors and place others in the correct place on the set.


A vital role both during rehearsals and for show week is the prompt. The prompt is there to remind the actors of their lines/words if they forget them. It is important that they attend rehearsals so that they know the show inside and out. They sit in close proximity to the stage so that they can whisper lines to the actors, hopefully without being noticed by the audience. A good prompt gains the utmost respect from the cast


Our professional lighting engineer is Llwyd Herniman from Lightsource, Llwyd and his team rig the lighting and sound equipment. It is important that this is done by suitably qualified staff. Once rigged, we are often looking for people to help run the sound board or operate spot lights. If a show has a screen element, we may need help with IT design, or to operate tech equipment, such as computers and projectors.

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