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The Full Monty

Based on the British cult movie, The musical version takes place in Buffalo, USA. After the closure of a steel plant, five out-of-work men concoct a plan to become strippers to raise some much needed money.

The story explores the complexities of pride versus desperation.

PODS brought this hilarious musical to the stage of the Paget Rooms in May 2022.


Fiona Porter-Smith

Musical Director

Ben Davies

Assistant Director

Julia Dyke

Assistant Director

Paul Mellin


Debbie Apollonio

Head Of Design

Andy Bradshaw

Stage Manager

Tim Tyson

Deputy Stage Manager

Kat Jones


Melissa Rabaiotti


Wendy Huxtable McTurki

Publicity & Marketing

Peter Knowles

Publicity & Marketing

Paul Mellin

Finance & Box Office

Bob Tucker

Acting Head Of Musicals

Kim Herniman



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