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Ladies Day

 11-14 October 2023

Reviews, Nominations & Awards

Glammies Nominations

Best Female Performance: Penni Carr as Pearl
Best Female Performance: Emma Dennett as Jan
Best Female Performance: Amanda Matthews as Shelly
Best Male Performance: Chris Glynn as Jim
Best Supporting Female: Becky Thompson as Linda
Best Supporting Female: Penni Carr as Pearl
Best Supporting Male: Bob Tucker as Barry
WINNER Best Supporting Male: Tom Dyer as Patrick
WINNER Moderator's Award: Ladies Day

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NODA Nominations

Best Production - Drama

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Moderators Award.png
Director, Sally Mathias, accepting the Moderator's Award, Glammies, 2023


Sally Mathias

Assistant to the Director

Alex Wilson

Head of Drama

Amanda Matthews

Assistant Head Of Drama

Melissa Rabaiotti

Set Design

Andy Bradshaw

Set Construction

Wayne Assiratti & Martin Dennett


Hannah Price

Publicity & Marketing

Paul Mellin

Publicity & Marketing

Peter Knowles


Fiona Porter-Smith

Box Office

Chloe Welsh

Lighting & Sound

Llwyd Herniman

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