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Frequently asked questions...


When and where do PODyS rehearse?

PODyS rehearse every Wednesday after school hours in Glyndwr Community Centre, Glyndwr Road, Penarth. PODyS members will occasionally be called to a Sunday rehearsal in the last few weeks before a show. Times may vary.


Can parents stay to rehearsals?

No, we encourage our PODyS members to be as independent as possible, which includes attending class without a parent. We are a welcoming and inclusive bunch of teachers and children and love to see the children’s confidence increase every session.


Do any teachers speak Welsh?

Yes, 2 PODyS teachers speak Welsh and are happy to communicate with children and adults in Welsh.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for my child to attend PODyS? 

We accept children from the age of 5-18, however we give PODyS members between the ages of 16-18 the choice to stay in PODyS or transition into our adult productions as part of PODS. 


What are the fees?

Fees are paid every half term. You will be notified how many weeks to pay for. The payment is the equivalent of £5 per week which includes both a membership fee and a tuition/performing fee. A discounted rate of £4 per child per week is applicable to sibling groups. 

Parents will be asked if they are willing to sign a gift aid declaration, as the membership element of the payment is eligible for gift aid relief when paid by a parent.

Can my child join straight away, or is there a waiting list?

Due to popular demand, PODYS is currently at full capacity.

We have started a waiting list - please fill out an application form (download here), and send it to

We will be in touch as soon as we have a vacancy.

NB - Please do not pay your fees until your place has been confirmed.

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